Cheater Slicks Home Page -- Evert @ Grunnen has put together some great info on these guys

Astro Control Panel for Man or Astroman -- the best new surf band in the galaxy

The Drags Unofficial Home Page -- These freaks be coo'


Grunnen Rocks (AKA: Vera Groningen) -- very thorough discographies, growing all the time.

SiX fOot cRoW -- Alex Cuervo of Blacktop serves up attitude and more; very coo'

Prepare To Enter The Garage -- a good garagecentric zine

E-zine Lists and Directories

All-Music Guide -- this archive actually covers some obscure bands

Nerd World : electrontic magazines -- a list

E-Zines Database Menu -- and yet another e-zine search module


THE NIHILIST VOID -- I like this guy's attitude: he passionately discusses the futility of life

Existentialism -- for a slightly more optimistic lot

godlessmotherfucker -- music, monsters, rants, sacrilege

Mussel Venus

Think-a-Tron Mission Control (aka: Launch Pad) -- the sky is the limit

Skeleton Closet -- All of the Scandals on All of the Presidential Election Candidates; bettr'n news

Tres Bizzare -- and it is...

Say no to deceptive alien entities -- what that bastard Spielberg didn't tell you about ET

Mission Control